Here at Lee Coombes Accountancy, we are continually looking to evolve as a company to ensure that not only are we giving our customers the best service possible, but finding new ways to diversify and improve our processes.  With that in mind, we are excited to announce that from April 1, we are going to be operating fully paperless.

The decision to do so is to continually diversify and modernise, as we already utilise a number of digital applications that have allowed us to improve our service by making it as simple as possible for the customer.  

In addition to this, we realise the impact that overuse of paper has on the environment, so we’re making a conscious effort to help by becoming a paperless company. We are also conducting a slight rebrand, and adding the colour green to our logo in order to signify this change. 


We have also introduced a new client portal function to the website, allowing our customers to access and store their accounting information in an easily accessed and user-friendly place. The MyDocSafe portal allows for the upload of documents and is a core part of our digital transformation, which helps automate document sharing, digital signature technology, client onboarding and more. 

We have invested in a number of digital technologies and alternatives in order to reduce our paper consumption, including:  

  • Coconut – the simple Accounting & Tax App aimed at streamlining the accounting process for sole-traders. For more on this application please click here 
  • Dext The accounting toolkit that allows business owners, accountants and bookkeepers to electronically capture and store receipts, and invoices that businesses depend on to ensure they keep accurate and secure financial records. 
  • Streem Connect – which offers fast, accurate and up-to-date bank statements with no missed transactions.  
  • Filestreammarket-leading EDMS software provides businesses, organisations and education providers with a better way to store and retrieve their 256 AES fully encrypted documents.


Benefits of going paperless 

There are a number of benefits to being a paperless company. Firstly, it helps with GDPR and security reasons, with no physical copy, personal information and documents can be constricted to password-locked folders on a server.  

Going paperless also helps streamline certain processes. By skipping the data entry step, data is directly saved into platforms and applications, which is also a huge time saver. For example, Santander has estimated that it has seen an 83% reduction in the time taken for new customers to open an account with them by reducing manual and paper-based processes and forms.  

Becoming a fully digital business also contributes to saving time for staff, freeing them of administrative chores like printing and scanning documents. This in turn allows staff to focus on tasks of higher value to your business.  


How we can help    

At Lee Coombes Accountancy, we specalise in a wide variety of taxation services, including personal tax, limited company accounts and VAT. 

If you have any further questions us going fully digital, speak to our team by clicking here.
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